Post-Bankruptcy Credit Building

Post-Bankruptcy Credit Building


Countless online sources say they are the best bankruptcy advice websites. An equal number of debt relief blogs promise to divulge the secrets for DIY bankruptcy. Almost all these sites and blogs also claim to offer insider techniques for the fastest and easiest do-it-yourself post-bankruptcy credit repair.

Your community's top-rated bankruptcy lawyers likely agree that the basic steps for rebuilding your post-bankruptcy credit are easy to understand and follow.

But the best bankruptcy lawyers have earned their high reputations through years of intensive hands-on experience with bankruptcy cases and debt relief's aftermath.

Highly experienced bankruptcy attorneys have, however, followed enough bankruptcies to know that even careful money-minded people can lack the legal knowledge required for handling the surprises that not infrequently derail do-it-yourself plans for rebuilding credit after bankruptcy.

Tough, aggressive bankruptcy lawyers know that the last thing a bankruptcy survivor needs is the stress of dealing with the problems that commonly complicate the best DIY strategies for post-bankruptcy credit repair.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea: The Harsh Reality of DIY Post-Bankruptcy Credit Repair

Optimism-for-hire bankruptcy websites and debt-relief blogs prey on the vulnerabilities of unwary readers by emphasizing the speed, ease, and low-cost, of the most popular five- and six-step methods for post-bankruptcy credit building.

After meticulously following these straight-forward five- and six-step methods, it can come as demoralizing shock when your credit report glaringly fails to note your pre-bankruptcy debts as "discharged/included in bankruptcy" and clearly state you have a "zero balance."

Faced with such an ominous, disappointing setback, disheartened bankruptcy survivors can lose crucial momentum and endure the debilitating side-effects of bankruptcy-relate stress.

Responsibly doing all that's required for obtaining a secured credit card, and making timely payments without fail, can be futile if your credit report doesn't accurately reflect your post-bankruptcy financial status.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Know How to Make Credit Bureaus Pay Attention

America's major credit bureaus — Transunion, Experian, and Expedia — daily receive desperate emails from thousands of people whose post-bankruptcy credit reports are not up to date or are otherwise drastically incorrect.

Your complaint, no matter how urgent and valid, is not likely to garner the quick client-centered attention it deserves from Transunion, Experian, or Expedia.

By seeking help from one of your community's very best bankruptcy lawyers, you are getting someone fluent in the sort of hard-hitting legal language that gets noticed immediately by the likes of Transunion, Experian, and Expedia, and who knows how to draft follow-up letters to them that elicit thoughtful, useful responses. You are getting someone who knows how and when to sue Transunion, Experian, and Expedia, if they persist in ignoring your legitimate complaints.

It Costs Nothing to Make Your Life a Lot Easier

The Law Offices of Michael S. Schwartz, reached at 215-259-3685, proudly offers a free initial consultation on post-bankruptcy credit repair, and on correcting erroneous post-bankruptcy credit reports. Michael S. Schwartz has protected the rights, and sanity, of highly satisfied clients in Delaware County, Bucks County, Philadelphia County, and Montgomery County. With offices in offices in Havertown, Perkasie, and Southampton, Michael S. Schwartz provides rapid-response service for addressing your post-bankruptcy credit building plans and concerns.