Most of us feel uncomfortable talking about our finances. When tough times come, the stigma of financial hardship can make it difficult for many to reach out for help. Unfortunately, this can set in motion a cycle of financial problems that can be difficult for a person to stop on their own. If you are having trouble making your monthly bill payments on time, a knowledgeable personal bankruptcy attorney can help you put an end to creditor harassment and get you back on track to your future financial goals.

With over twenty years of legal experience, Warminster bankruptcy attorney Michael S. Schwartz provides comprehensive legal counsel to Pennsylvania residents seeking relief from their debts through personal bankruptcy. In addition to flexible appointment schedules, the Law Offices of Michael S. Schwartz provides free initial consultations, so you have nothing to lose by discussing your options with a top Warminster bankruptcy lawyer.

Myths About Bankruptcy

Many people mistakenly believe that filing for bankruptcy will ruin their credit for good. While bankruptcy can appear on your credit reports for up to ten years, you can begin rebuilding your credit immediately after your filing is complete. By faithfully following the terms of your personal bankruptcy plan, you may be surprised how quickly your credit score can rise.

The Automatic Stay

When you file for personal bankruptcy in the State of Pennsylvania, the courts will issue what is called an automatic stay. The automatic stay is a powerful tool that can be used by you and your bankruptcy attorney. It prohibits creditors from taking any additional collection actions against you for as long as it is in effect. This includes phone calls, letters, wage garnishment, repossession, and home foreclosure. Warminster, PA bankruptcy attorney Michael S. Schwartz has extensive experience using automatic stays to benefit his clients, offering relief from creditor harassment and putting a stop to foreclosure.

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