Looking For A Loan Modification

The Law Office of Michael Schwartz Can Help in Southampton, Havertown, Perkasie & Bucks County, PA

Many mortgage lenders have come to the realization that they have little chance of obtaining full payment on the mortgages they have issued. They are increasingly willing to renegotiate many of their mortgages at terms much more favorable to borrowers.

The Law Office of Michael S. Schwartz is an experienced loan modification law firm. We obtain better loan terms for our clients, which can enable them to keep their homes and avoid foreclosure without resort to bankruptcy.

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How We Can Help You

  • A loan modification can do one or more of the following:
  • Lower your interest rate
  • Lower the total outstanding mortgage
  • Incorporate mortgage arrears into the mortgage
  • Extend the term of the loan
Loan Modification
Loan Modification

The extra cash flow you get from better loan terms can improve your life in many ways.

Our firm has experience in all aspects of loan modification. From the negotiation stage to completion of the final documentation, we will work diligently to obtain the best loan terms for you. We have contacts at many lenders and know how to reach decision makers at these institutions. Because Michael S. Schwartz is an attorney, mortgage lenders listen when we call.

We understand how to negotiate and just how far we can press lenders on behalf of our clients. The Law Office of Michael S. Schwartz will work to get you the best deal we can.

Threatened With Foreclosure on Your Southampton, Havertown, Perkasie & Bucks County, PA Home?

Even if you are in foreclosure, it may still be possible to save your home and obtain better loan terms. Our firm may be able to initiate a foreclosure defense action, giving us time to contact the lender and negotiate a loan modification agreement. We can also insist on incorporating any past due mortgage payments into the new loan agreement.
In addition to a possible loan modification, we can explore other options such as a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or a short sale. The Law Office of Michael S. Schwartz wants to guide you back to financial health.