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Having a large amount of debt can be debilitating. the overwhelming feeling of helplessness and stress can worsen when you get sued for an unpaid credit card. A judgment from a credit card lawsuit provides extra collection powers to those creditors. Once the credit card judgment is entered, they have the right to execute on that judgment and freeze bank accounts or force a sale of personal property. If you own a home, a credit card judgment in Pennsylvania often becomes a lien against your real estate.

There is hope. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest and most common form of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will address most debts, including credit cards, personal loans and medical bills without the need to repay those debts.

A person can qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy based upon their income and expenses. However, the bankruptcy court will review the totality of your circumstances before granting a Chapter 7 discharge. It is important that an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, like Michael Schwartz, reviews your situation to advise whether or not Chapter 7 bankruptcy is appropriate. The Law Offices of Michael Schwartz will review your income, expenses, assets and creditors and provide a recommendation based on your individual circumstances. Since Chapter 7 bankruptcy has a liquidation component, it is critical that an experienced attorney like Michael Schwartz reviews your case before filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

When Chapter 7 is not appropriate, the Law Offices of Michael Schwartz will provide other alternatives, like Chapter 13 bankruptcy that may be more suitable in certain situations.

The Law Offices of Michael Schwartz focuses on bankruptcy and debt relief matters, so you can be confident you are receiving quality legal advice.


In successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, a bankruptcy discharge is entered by the Bankruptcy Judge typically within 3 to 4 months of filing the case. The bankruptcy discharge will effectively eliminate the legal obligation to repay all dischargeable debts. Most unsecured debts including credit cards, personal loans and medical bills will be discharged in bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer like Michael Schwartz can review your case and determine whether or not specific debts are dischargeable in your case. Discharging your debt will also provide an opportunity to improve your credit score. After bankruptcy discharge, it is not unusual to be extended offers for new credit. Making timely payments on reportable debt after bankruptcy will help to rehabilitate credit scores.

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