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Are you behind on your mortgage? Are you being threatened with mortgage foreclosure?

Once a homeowner falls three months behind in mortgage payments, it is typical for the mortgage company to send an Act 91 Notice to the owners of the property.  This notice is providing an intent to foreclose on the property. If the mortgage is not cured shortly after the notice is received, the lender will begin foreclosure proceedings.

Once the foreclosure process begins, you still have options to save your home.  You do not have to lose your home just because a foreclosure is filed against you. Michael Schwartz is foreclosure lawyer in Bucks County, PA that helps homeowners stop foreclosure to keep them in their home.  For most, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the ideal option to stop foreclosure and force mortgage lenders into payment arrangements by using the bankruptcy rules. 

When it comes to saving your home, you may have more than one option. Attorney Michael Schwartz will explore the best option for you and your family. Filing for bankruptcy stops foreclosure immediately at any time up to the sheriff sale. Michael Schwartz is a bankruptcy lawyer with offices in Bucks County and Delaware County.  He has been assisting his clients with mortgage foreclosure for over 20 years. Let Michael Schwartz be your bankruptcy lawyer near me! Call Michael Schwartz, foreclosure lawyer in Bucks County, at 215-396-7900 to discuss all of your options to stop foreclosure or stop tax sale of your home.


If you are unable to bring the mortgage current with a lump sum payment, you have other options to save your home once a foreclosure proceeding is filed. These options include:

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy - a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure immediately. You can begin making regular mortgage payments moving forward. While in Chapter 13, you can keep your home while reducing debt payments through an affordable payment plan. Interest and penalties stop accruing on most debts. Your overdue mortgage payments and property taxes can be paid off  through a payment plan over a three to five year period.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy - filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop foreclosure and completely eliminate most types of unsecured debts. A Chapter 7 to repay mortgage arrears, so in this type of bankruptcy, a foreclosure can resume after the bankruptcy ends.  If you are behind in your mortgage, and want to save your home from foreclosure, Chapter 7 is typically not the best option.
  • Loan modification - a loan modification will resolve your mortgage arrears and may reduce your mortgage payments without resorting to bankruptcy through an agreement with your mortgage lender. A loan modification must be approved by the mortgage company after the submission of a loan modification application.
  • Foreclosure defense - if you feel that the mortgage company filed the foreclosure action without merit, you have the right file a legal response in court to defend the foreclosure action. The Law Office of Michael Schwartz  will evaluate the foreclosure case and determine whether or not a legal defense is appropriate in your specific situation. 
  • PA State programs to save your home - There may be state programs available to you in place to help save your home. Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible for a grant or low interest loan through the State of Pennsylvania.


It is critically important that the foreclosure action be addressed. If the mortgage company gets a judgment in their foreclosure case, their next step will be to file a sheriff sale.  If a sheriff sale is scheduled, you still can stop it through bankruptcy. To save the house once the sheriff sale is scheduled, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is usually the best option. 


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