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Navigating the Challenge of Sheriff Sales: How We Can Help

Experiencing the fear of losing your home can be deeply unsettling. But there's good news: skilled bankruptcy attorneys like Michael Schwartz offer solutions to safeguard your home. Conveniently located with offices in Delaware County and Bucks County, Michael Schwartz serves the Philadelphia area, bringing hope and expertise right to your doorstep.

Understanding the Process and Your Options

When mortgage payments fall behind, the mortgage company might initiate a foreclosure action in the County Court (such as the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas). The mortgage company will try to convince the Judge that the mortgage agreement has been breached. If the Court agrees, a judgment against the homeowner is issued, paving the way for a sheriff sale of the property. This sale is often scheduled within months of the judgment.

How We Intervene to Protect Your Home

At the Law Offices of Michael Schwartz, we leverage bankruptcy laws to stop sheriff sales. Our goal is simple yet vital: to keep you in your home and relieve the burden of overwhelming debts. Our intervention can stop the sheriff sale of your home right up to the moment the auctioneer's gavel falls.

Empowering You with Solutions

Having assisted thousands of Pennsylvanians burdened by debt, our expertise in bankruptcy rules is your lifeline. Through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we devise a plan to save your home and stop the sheriff sale. Our approach focuses on maximizing debt relief while retaining as much of your property as possible. You can resume normal mortgage payments and manage mortgage arrears through a practical five-year plan. This plan addresses overdue mortgages, tax issues, credit card debts, personal loans, and medical bills.

Alternatively, if you're transitioning from your home but need more time, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide a crucial pause in the sheriff sale, allowing you to find new accommodation and a fresh financial start. This form of bankruptcy can eliminate various debts while in most cases enabling you to keep your vehicles and personal belongings.

Immediate Impact and Long-term Relief

Filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 instantly stops the sheriff sale, granting you the time needed to achieve your goals and restart your financial journey.

The Importance of Timely Action

Acting swiftly is key. We can halt a sheriff sale right up until its date, but the bankruptcy must be filed beforehand to protect your home. If you're behind on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure, it's crucial to contact us immediately. The sooner we file your case, the less you'll need to repay in a Chapter 13 plan, enhancing your chances for a successful outcome. Our prompt action can cease the sheriff sale and create a plan to rejuvenate your financial health.

Expertise at Your Service

Michael Schwartz, a seasoned bankruptcy lawyer in Bucks County, PA, is ready to assist. Schedule a free consultation at the Law Office of Michael Schwartz, with offices in Southampton, Perkasie, and Havertown. Let Michael Schwartz guide you through these challenging times with his expertise and commitment.

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