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Are you behind on your mortgage or car payments? Are you threatened with foreclosure or repossession?

You do not have to lose your home or personal property. The Law Offices of Michael S. Schwartz is a Bucks County bankruptcy law firm that stops foreclosure, repossession and garnishments. We help our clients obtain debt relief and the opportunity to begin again.

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Stopping Foreclosure on Your Southampton, Havertown, Perkasie & Bucks County, PA Home

When it comes to saving your home, you may have more than one option. Filing for bankruptcy stops foreclosure actions immediately, at any time up to the sheriff's sale or tax sale.

Attorney Michael S. Schwartz can review your situation and recommend the right course of action for you. These options include:

Chapter 13 bankruptcy - enables you to keep your home, reduce your debts and pay off your remaining debts in an affordable payment plan. Interest and penalties stop accruing. Your overdue mortgage payments and property taxes can be paid off over a three- to five-year period.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy - stops foreclosure, completely eliminates most types of debts, and in many cases allows you to keep your home and other property.

Loan modification - resolves your mortgage arrears and reduces your mortgage payments without resorting to bankruptcy.

Foreclosure defense - our firm represents clients in foreclosure defense actions against mortgage companies and mortgage brokers that have engaged in predatory lending practices.

Our firm can recommend the best solution for you and do everything necessary to achieve your goals.

Stopping Repossession on Your Southampton, Havertown, Perkasie & Bucks County, PA Home

Filing for bankruptcy automatically stops repossession actions for vehicles and other personal property. The Law Offices of Michael S. Schwartz can act immediately to stop repossession of your property. If your vehicle has been repossessed but not yet sold by the finance company, we can get it returned to you. 

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Michael S. Schwartz has helped thousands of people in Bucks County, Delaware County and Philadelphia County obtain debt relief. Our firm will work energetically to help you keep your home and restore your financial health.